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Florence, Montana – Superintendent, John C. Mcgee, left behind a mess in Montana City to take the helm at Florence-Carlton.


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You won’t believe your eyes! You will find numerous articles regarding current Florence-Carlton Superintendent , John C. McGee and the tremendous financial burden he left his previous Community with in Montana City and the damage inflicted to the teaching staff ther.
Article 1: Road, Grants latest obstacles for Sports Center 

  • Read the 5th paragraph beginning with the word “And”
  • McGee resigns to take Florence-Carlton job
Article 2:  Montana City mulls abandoning sports complex
Some notible quotes from this article:
  • “Whatever decision the district makes, the math is bleak.”
  • “However, no group in Montana has abandoned a grant, so it’s unclear if this reimbursement will be granted.”
  • “After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that the Montana City School District can no longer afford to stumble through the what ifs and he said/she said process that has engulfed this project”
  •  McGee said, reading from a written statement.“Although we started off well intentioned, it is now clear that I made some poor assumptions as we worked through the LWCF grant process.”
  • “The additional match monies and the costs for either improving Antler Avenue or building a loop road are “cost prohibitive,” McGee said. While some money for the complex is already in the budget, an additional $63,536 or $96,806 would be required, depending on which road access the district chooses. Attempts to find outside funding have been exhausted.”

Article 3: Firings unleash teachers’ furor

  • Montana City staff submits letter of no confidence in leadership due to ‘no-cause’ dismissals. More than 35 teachers and concerned parents packed the Montana City School Library at a special meeting of the Montana City School Board Monday night. The turnout was to show support for eight staff members dismissed without cause by a vote of the trustees at the last regular board meeting. The trustees made their decision based on the recommendation of Superintendent John McGee.

Article 4: Montana City School voters grapple with mixed feelings

  • The full cost of the complex is estimated at $300,000, according to McGee. However, the total listed on grant applications is $444,551, which he said is an inflated figure. Why is it inflated?
Article 5:  School board, McGee suprised by teachers’ reactions 6/5/2001
Article 11: Montana City Schools to ask for building levy
Article 15: Montana City principal paid $22K to resign
Article 16: Montana City awards contract
Why wasn’t the football field sprinkler in Florence done in the same way? Local bid was less expensive, better equipment and more coverage? Mr. McGee’s home sprinkler system also done by the same company that did school? Mr. McGee never addressed this issue and refuses to talk about it? Why?
Article 17: Road, grants latests obstacles for sports center
Article 18: A win for public’s right to know
Thumbs down to whatever is going on in the Montana City School District. This week, some portion of the school’s staff responded with a vote of no confidence after Superintendent John McGee advised the school board to dismiss the school’s seven non-tenured teachers. We understand that non-tenured teachers often are given notice to afford trustees options as they deal with a tight budget, but the response in Montana City suggests what appears at least to be a big communications problem.