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At a recent Florence School Board Meeting, High School Principal/Activity Director, Dan Grabowska, informed Trustees that there had been changes in the rules in regard to Pep Bands and “when they could and couldn’t” play at events and tournaments.  Watch the following Video excerpt: (follow link)

Florence-Carlton High School Principal/Athletic Director, Dan Grabowska, tells Trustees that “there are a lot of new rules with the Pep Band: http://youtu.be/X2YiPbZlplM

Mr. Grabowska said, “there are a lot of new rules with the Pep Band and when they can or can’t play. umm, so, it kinda causes them alot of times to just be sitting around football games… they can’t play during any kind of live ball situation. They can only play on timeouts, umm, they can play at quarter, that type of thing. So it’s really tough on them, they don’t get to play nearly as much. Umm, Volleyball games are even harder, uh, to play, so, playing with tournaments and that type of thing, most tournament directors are discouraging even having the Pep Band come because of that. Especially at State, they don’t, they don’t want your there ’cause you can only play… before the whole tournament and then when there is no other play going on but when there is four games going on in a gym… there is not much very much time when there is no play happening.”

It has been confirmed by the Executive Director of the Montana High School Association that “The only change was for bands playing at outdoor events – here is that rule reference”: (in Bold Print)

The use of bells, air horns, whistles, wooden blocks and other noise makers during indoor Association contests is prohibited.  At indoor contests bands may only play before the start of a contest, during intermissions between periods (quarters) and during a time out.  They may not play during “live ball.”  At outdoor contests the use of electronic and air-amplified devices by spectators is prohibited.  At all outdoor contests bands will not be allowed to play during “live ball.”

Furthermore MHSA states, “The MHSA does not discourage schools from bringing pep bands to events.   We do make schools aware that at volleyball tournaments (especially the state tournament where we have four matches playing at one time) there is limited time the bands can play.  Bands, by National Federation Volleyball Rules,  cannot play during any live ball and with four courts going there is can be very limited time to play.  Very few schools send their bands to state volleyball because of the limited play time.  No schools bring their bands to state wrestling.”

This is just one of many seemingly purposeless deceptions that take place on a regular basis by Administrators toward Faculty, Staff, Trustees, Teachers, Students, and Community Members.  Why would this mis-information have been given to Trustees right before a State Tournament? Trustee Pat Appleby stated at their most recent board meeting after attending the State Volleyball Tournament in Bozeman that several other schools had their Drumline Squads at Tournament and felt it would have given our Girls a much needed boost.

Florence, is this the kind of leadership we need?