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FLORENCE  –  On June 29, 2010, at the Florence Carlton School Board of Trustees Meeting, Attorney Elizabeth A. Kaleva advised the board in regard to multiple Title IX offences that were settled via two separate Resolution Agreements with the Office of Civil Rights in Seattle.  The official minutes for the June 29th meeting state the following:

The following Public Records show a different story than the one told to Florence Carlton School District Board of Trustees at this meeting.  This mis-representation of the facts has been continued by Superintendent John C. McGee, Sam Baerlocher, and Dan Grabowska.  The Trustees and Taxpayers of the Florence Carlton School District have been deceived into thinking that the ONLY thing the Office of Civil Rights is investigating and monitoring is FUNDRAISING, while the following documents CLEARLY state that Fundraising IS NOT THE ISSUE.

The following information listed in chronological order.  Pay close attention to the dates on the documents and take the time to listen to the recordings.



 OCR Reference # 10101079 Title IX Offences Resolution Agreement, August 6, 2010

April 13, 2010 Florence Carlton School Board Meeting Minutes:


May 10, 2010 Florence Carlton School Board Meeting Minutes:

June 29, 2010 Florence Carlton School Board Meeting Minutes:



August 5, 2010 Florence Carlton School Board Meeting Minutes:

January 11, 2011 Florence Carlton School Board Minutes

 February_8,_2011_Board_Minutes|Title IX Report

April 12, 2011 Florence Carlton School Board Minutes 

 June 14, 2011|Superintendent John C. McGee|Title IX Report


 CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO:  Florence Carlton School Board Trustee, Pat Appleby, speaks to Title IX at June 27, 2011 Meeting

DOWNLOAD ALL THESE DOCUMENTS, CLIPS, AND RECORDINGS HERE:  http://www.box.net/shared/u69oqdxgjgvl9duhjc9j

Former Trustee says: August 2, 2011

Did the original letter from the Federal Office of Civil Rights say August 9th, 2009? Did anyone decide to read the information contained in that letter from OCR? Was the Board of Trustee’s offered that information? I can see a huge “Snow-Job” given to the Board by Lawyer Elizibeth A. Kaleva!! Kaleva claims that the school only had minor FUND RAISING infractions as do most schools and that they (FCHS) have already taken steps to correct the problem with OCR. If you read the complaint in part #2 the Fund Raising was NOT investigated by the Fed’s!! How did the District arrive at the conclusion given by Kaleva?? Once again we have another “BIG SNOW JOB” in mid-Summer right here in Florence!! Mrs. Appleby, Sorry you were misled with your statements in the June 27th 2011 meeting about Fundraising that I watched on Youtube!!

What The ???? says: August 20, 2011

So apparently this lawyer, Elizabeth Kaleva, is being payed by the Taxpayers of the Florence Carlton School District to LIE to our TRUSTEES. This is unbelievable.

Unreal!!!! says: August 21, 2011
Wow!!!! Mis-representation of facts? You mean lie after lie after lie…… Come on Florence wake up!!!! Our own Lawyer and Superintendent lie right to our face!! How many other communities would put up with this ?

Sad Truth says: September 2, 2011

A community that has fallen asleep!!

Fed Up Staff Member says: November 2, 2011
Has anyone read the current Falcon View? In the front page article written by Mr. McGee, you will find that Mr. McGee listed as many accounts in the Student Activity Fund as there were Government Students in attendance at the October 11 School Board Meeting, which was postponed due to the request of Chairperson Cornish. Mr. McGee is quoted in the Ravalli Republic article about that meeting, saying, “The room was full of Florence-Carlton High School Students who were attending as part of their Government Class”, and “It set a good example for those Students to see”, “God knows what kind of example that would have set for the kids if nobody respected the school’s authority. I feel (Cornish) was put in a very difficult decision, and I was proud of the fact that she kept her cool and was very respectful of the situation and didn’t let it get out of control.”

In case you missed that meeting, you will find the number of accounts listed in the Falcon View to be equal to the number of Government Students that actually attended that meeting. I hope this does not confuse anyone, due to the fact that there were ZERO Government Students at the meeting and there are ZERO accounts listed in the Falcon View article.

Unfortunately, our Superintendent manages the Budget, and our Staff, with the same techniques recently displayed in the Ravalli Republic and Falcon View articles.

God help our Staff to receive the financial promises made by Mr. McGee to educate our under-achieving Staff and Students.

The local MEA Members have had enough. Mr. McGee please take notice of our “invisible students” and stop using them as a crutch to promote your sorry ability to administrate.

By the way, Title IX violations are ongoing. Will you be taking the blame for these again???