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MAY 7th, 2013 Board of Trustee Election

via May 2013 Falcon View

Meet the Candidates

Nick Monaco

Nick Monaco, 32. I live in Florence and I was raised entirely in this valley. From the University of Montana, my degree is in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. I currently operate my own auto dealer’s license known as Florence Auto Mall in the Florence Business Center. Enjoyable times in my career include, auto dealership management, sales, substitute teaching, private consulting, marketing, volunteering, and most recently, I have been working also as an EMT by contract on the Ft. Belknap Reservation. I have been an active volunteer at the Florence Volunteer Fire Department since 2009. I married my high-school sweetheart, Kara in July 2000. My wife works full time at St. Patrick Hospital as a Cardiac RN. We have a 7 year-old son named Quintan who is a sports fiend, and a 5 year-old daughter, Alyx an outgoing dance prodigy. As a supporter of the Bitterroot Bucs, in my discretionary time, I enjoy boating, golfing, camping, traveling, singing, officiating basketball, and spending time with our extended families.

I am running for school board trustee because I see a need for a fresh perspective. It is my belief that schools could be managed more similar to business. A couple of community members inquired as to my “agenda.” I have no “agenda,” per se. A vote for Nick Monaco is a vote for positivity, simplicity, honesty, common sense, accountability, discipline, and results. I pride myself in steering clear of community drama and gossip. I take a direct, disciplined approach to managing [taxpayer] funds and deciding issues. I have zero-tolerance for disrespectful behaviors, dramatic radicals, and unaccountability of students, faculty, staff, parents, or trustees. I have no mission to undo or rewrite anything the board has already accomplished; my platform is progressive, moving forward. I had a middle school principal that believed only in referring to students as “students” and never as “kids.” She instilled in me a strong foundation that the board be conscious of students and student success in every meeting and decision. Because I believe in the power of public education, I offer my commitment to the betterment of the Florence Carlton School District.

Mike Greger

My name is Mike Greger and I am running for re-election to the Florence-Carlton School Board. I and my family have lived in the Florence community for over 17 years and have had two children attend Kindergarten through the 12th grade. I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and I am a Regional Health and Safety Manager for a global chemical company.

It has been my privilege to have served the Florence community for the past three years and I am proud of the accomplishments we have made. I feel that there is still unfinished business, which is why I am running for re-election. My mission statement has always been two fold. The first is to continuously look for ways to improve the quality of education in order to prepare our students for a successful post high school career. The second is to always be conscientious when voting to use taxpayer funding. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to serve on the Florence-Carlton School Board of Trustees for a second term of three years.

Bill Hester

Greetings! My name is Bill Hester and I am a candidate for the Florence Carlton Board of Trustees. I will submit a short personal history and an e-mail address and telephone number where anyone interested can get more information. I was born in Springfield, Illinois in 1933. I received the major portion of my education in the public schools, graduating from high school in 1952. I then attended the University of Illinois as both an undergraduate and then as a medical student. I received my M.D. in 1961 and my board certification in my specialty of Pathology in 1969. Two important events during that decade included marriage to a young lady from a small cattle ranch 15 miles west of Thermopolis, Wyoming. She is known to me as Julie Milek but to her old girl friends as “Jule the Mule.” Almost 51 years later, she is still the ramrod of this outfit. Also in that period I spent two years in the US Army which included a year in Vietnam. After the service, we moved to Massachusetts and I practiced medicine until 1990. We had purchased our property here in Florence in 1987 and after my retirement moved to this beautiful valley in 1999. Here we live and here we intend to stay.

Now comes the question, “Why do I want to be on the school board?” I am running this campaign with Colby Reynolds. We both have the same goals of exercising fiscal responsibility and of supporting all the good things that characterize the Florence Carlton schools and at the same time are willing to identify those areas where improvement may be achieved. Colby is a graduate of the Florence schools as are his two children. He has a deep understanding of the community and the schools and is an invaluable companion in this race. A few years ago, a small group of us organized “Montana Citizens for Excellence in Education.” The goal was to ensure that every student from K through 12 would be given the opportunity to acquire an education that could compete with that offered by the best schools in the United States and beyond. We think that our students and teachers are capable of achieving the highest standards of academic achievement and that the duty of the administration and the school board is to encourage, support, and never stop striving for that goal. Colby and I are dedicated to this proposition. If this is something you can agree with, we invite your support on May 7. I can be contacted at (406) 777-2376 or wjhester62@yahoo.com

Pat Appleby

It seems like the last three years have passed in the blink of an eye but it is time to run again for an open trustee position on the Florence Carlton School Board. These past three years have been an interesting but steep learning curve about work deadlines, school budgets, school funding by the state legislature, employee contract negotiations, state and federal school law, Title IX issues, public meeting law and so much more . Probably the most eye opening thing is how many steps it takes and how long it takes to follow all of those steps when conducting the daily, weekly, and even yearly business of managing a school. In an effort to get up to speed I have become active with the Montana School Boards Association through attending for the past two years their yearly fall convention and serving as a member of the Class B Caucus group to bring focus to school issues of Class B size schools in Montana. I have just been asked to serve as a voting member of the Delegate Assembly for MTSBA Region 6 for the coming year. During the past three years I attended more than 30 hours of training classes on public meeting law, employee evaluations, school funding and budgets, contract negotiations, student and staff privacy, and school law issues.

I have also learned it is imperative as board members to remember that ‘what is best for the kids’ should be the only reason we are sitting at the table and personal agendas and egos need to be checked at the door. Effective boards work as a team. Members may disagree on issues from time to time but the team respects each member’s opinion and the outcome of each vote. We have been fortunate in Florence the past three years to have that kind of team. We live in a great country where 5 people with different backgrounds, life experiences, and political opinions can be selected by their community to come together and work with a common goal. That goal should be to help the next generations become responsible members of society who have learned how to be leaders, make their own decisions, have their own opinions, allow others to have differing opinions, take care of themselves, and have compassion for others. We should not fool ourselves, our kids are watching how we adults conduct ourselves. They may see us with that black and white idealism of youth but they see us. Bottom line, everything they learn from us will most likely influence what nursing home they choose for us some day.

Schools in small towns all across Montana are the reason many of those towns still exist. The people in those towns generally view the school as the heart of the community that brings family and friends together for fellowship and fun. I grew up and went to school in Reed Point which is just that kind of Montana small town, smaller than Florence. If everyone didn’t participate in whatever was going on there wouldn’t be enough kids to do anything so we all learned to work to together and make things happen. My father served on the school board when I was in high school. My family still has a ranch in Stillwater County where we are able to participate in Block Management and have a newly developed FWP fishing access at the edge of our property.

Do you want to see real change in our school and community? I challenge each of you to ask your child’s teacher or coach what you can do to help. Offer to be the team Mom or Dad or class-room Grandparent. Get involved with the afterschool programs, fundraisers, and clubs that work to support our kids. Come to school board meetings to hear what is going on.

Are there things at Florence Carlton that need improvement? Yes! Can we work to identify and make those things better? Yes! Know that it is a process with a multitude of steps to be worked through.

I am committed to continuing the process to improve. I am grateful for the support I have received these past three years while serving on the Florence Carlton Board. I hope I have earned your respect to continue to serve our school and community for a future term. Thank you for your consideration.

Pat Appleby

Colby Reynolds

My name is Colby Reynolds. I moved to Florence and began attending Florence Carlton in 1971 at the age of six. I attended Florence Carlton School my entire academic career and graduated High School in 1983. I am honored to be the only candidate who is a Graduate of the Florence Carlton School System.

After graduation, I joined the Navy and found myself on a tour of the Persian Gulf, where I met my beautiful wife of 24 years. After the Navy, my wife and I decided to move back to

Florence to raise our family. My wife and I have dedicated our lives to being good parents and proving to them the value of hard work, responsibility, and honesty. We are proud parents of two children, Cortney and Dylan. Both are graduates from Florence Carlton School. My daughter works with me at my business and is attending the U of M studying Computer

Assisted Drafting (CAD). My son, Dylan, is attending the U of M, studying Business, and is a current member of the U of M Varsity Track & Field Team.

I have been in the Commercial/Residential Glass business for 23 years. As a business owner, I have acquired a very valuable education from my experience and first-hand working knowledge of business. I believe this makes me a worthy candidate for the Board of Trustees. Balancing budgets, managing personnel, and adhering to fiscal accountability are every day demands in business and are crucial to success in the business world and life.

As a Florence Carlton School District Trustee, I will be partly responsible for overseeing an approximate $8 Million Annual Budget. Our District being funded by Federal, State and Local Taxes, I feel a deep responsibility to the Taxpayers of Florence, and our country, as to how that money is managed and accounted for. The management of District assets and finances has a direct effect on the quality of our children’s education. In these challenging economic times every penny is important and we should do everything in our power to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency.

As a Trustee, my initiative is nothing new. I would simply look to follow and enforce the current policies of the District and maintain transparency in all matters of the District that concern the public. I believe the office of Trustee is just that, an office of trust. My number one goal as Trustee is to gain and maintain the trust of the people whom I will represent and maintain open lines of communication with the public. My experience and working knowledge in the business world give me confidence that I will be successful in overseeing things like balance budgets, managing personnel, and fiscal accountability.

I believe that excellence and quality in education begins with quality leadership. I am confident that I can provide quality leadership. I know being a Trustee will be very challenging, but also know that comes with the territory of responsibility. I welcome that responsibility. I love my hometown of Florence and feel that it is the right time for me to offer my service to this community as a Trustee of our School District. I want to contribute my time and experience to help ensure that Florence Carlton School District will always be one that strives for excellence and maintains the highest integrity.

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The Florence-Carlton School District will be holding a School Election on May 7, 2013, at the school. Polling hours are 7:00 a.m.—8:00 p.m.. The election will be held in the New Gym of the Florence-Carlton School.