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This is a recording of the Florence Carlton School Board of Trustees – Teacher’s Contract Negotiation Committee. This meeting was held without Public Notice and was witnessed by members of the Public. This is an illegal meeting. In this video you will hear the School District Superintendent, John C. McGee, state that, “from now on” these meetings will be Public Meetings. The fact is that they should be, and should have been, Public Meetings all along. This is an example of the problems that exist in the Florence Carlton School District under the current leadership of Board Chairperson Vicki Cornish. Also on this committee, Melvin Finlay. The worst part about this meeting is that after the Superintendent “adjourns” the meeting, and the members of the Public that made this recording left, none of the Committee Members involved in the meeting left for over an hour. In other words, the Public was deceived into believing that the meeting was adjourned, but clearly it was not. This is just one example of the deceptive practices that this administration and elected body of officials employ that create continued mistrust by members of the Public that seek to know the business of the District.

The Board of Trustees was made aware of Montana Open Meeting Laws on May 9, 2011 at a Special Board Meeting. Attorney Elizabeth A. Kaleva explains these Laws in this audio Clip:

LINK: http://www.box.com/shared/3md7iu6qec